Covid-19 Protocol

Coronavirus Covid-19 Working Protocol
1. Restrict operations to essential procedures only, guided by Deuce Facilities Tech Supervisor.
2. Utilise all available studio space to reduce close contact of workers – Rig / De-Rig and Daily working
3. Studio operatives to remain at home if unwell, staff backup to be available ‘On call’
4. Studio operatives to confirm they are well when arriving at work and to wash hands/sanitise on arrival
5. Separation of 2m to be kept wherever possible
6. Allow extra time to enable separation distances to be observed
7. Where the 2m distance needs to be breached, this should be for the minimum time possible and good
hygiene practices followed.
8. Equipment provided by Deuce Facilities to be cleaned/disinfected each day post shoot by designated
9. Where operatives need to work in pairs, buddy them together and ensure that the same pair work
together to avoid multiple contacts
10. Hand washing/sanitizing to be undertaken before entering the studio and again on completion of tasks
11. Training will be available for all employees of Deuce Facilities, this will be monitored and updated to
follow current guidelines. Staff should be directed to for the latest information.

Current information regarding PPE in TV/Film Studio setting:
Face Coverings
● Employees will wear face covering in enclosed/confined spaces whenever possible to protect against the

● Gloves are not effective in preventing the coronavirus infection. Regularly washing bare hands offers
more protection against catching COVID-19 than wearing them.

The information supplied is current and will be monitored regularly and updated as new advice becomes
available. This responsibility is undertaken by the Managing Director of Deuce Facilities